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Creative Arts + Science = a journey and a story

4 Dic 19

Workshop by Antony Nevin (IRB Barcelona’s 2019 Artist in Residence) Date: Wednesday, 4 December, 2019 Place: Tower I, Room 3 (Floor -1), Parc Científic de Barcelona

15:00-15:45h - Creative arts thinking meets science and they realise that they’ve been friends all along* 16:00-16:45h - Hey science, your posters are a bit rubbish*

*Independent workshops, you can choose to come to one or both.




Creativity isn’t all about waiting for inspiration to strike and writing bad poetry while staring at the moon. There are well established methods that designers, artists and other creatives use implicitly in their creative process. How might these methods inform the scientific process? In this two part workshop Antony Nevin (IRB Barcelona’s Artist in Residence for 2019) will give an overview of the creative process and how it relates to scientific inquiry. After this first workshop, he’ll run another one about using design principles to help you design better scientific posters.

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