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Extraordinary BioMed Seminar - Maths4Life 2021

26 Oct 21

In this webinar, the awardees of the 2021 call of the "Maths4Life" programme will present their research work undertaken over the summer period. This open webinar is organised for the IRB Barcelona community.




Please find below the details of the event:


Speakers: Axel Romero, Ferran López, Daniel Quiles, Mercedes Castro, Martín de Muniategui, Teodor Parella and Belén Martín – Maths4Life awardees

Date: Tuesday, 26 October 2021, 10:00 – 12:00

Place: Dolors Aleu

Audience: All IRB Barcelona members





Axel Romero - Ribosomal genes in Single - Cell RNA Sequencing

Ferran López - Sensitivity analysis of mutational signature deconstruction

Daniel Quiles – Transatlas

Mercedes Castro – Analyzing alternative secondary structure ensembles in lncRNAs

Martín de Muniategui - Coarse-grained method for DNA circularization

Teodor Parella - Classification model for chemical checker database structural and bioactivity similarities

Belén Martín - PyMut