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Extraordinary BioMed Seminar: Metabolic contributions to hematopoietic homeostasis and the pathogenesis of hematological disorders


Organizer: IRB BioMed Seminars

Date: Monday 15 July 2024, 12:00h

Place: Fèlix Serratosa Hall, PCB

Speaker: Keisuke Ito, PhD - Professor Department of Cell Biology, Department of Medicine, Department of Oncolgy - Director of Scientific Resources of the Stem Cell Institute  - Albert Einstein College of Medicine  - New York | USA

Host: Alejo Rodriguez- Fraticelli, PhD - Junior Group Leader - Quantitative Stem Cell Dynamics -  Aging and Metabolism Programme - IRB Barcelona



Mitochondria play a pivotal role in converting nutrients into ATP, utilizing diverse pathways to meet cellular energy demands. Fatty acid oxidation (FAO) is essential for the maintenance of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). Despite its importance, the precise mechanisms by which mitochondrial metabolism influences HSC fate remain unclear. The Ito Lab is dedicated to elucidating the regulatory pathways governing the balance between healthy and malignant HSCs. This presentation provides an overview of our research efforts, outlining our advancements in understanding how mitochondria impact HSC fate determination and showcasing significant technical progress. We envision that a deeper understanding of metabolic regulation will enhance HSC transplantation methodologies and present new therapeutic approaches for HSC-related disorders.

Extraordinary IRB BioMed Seminar

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