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Factors linking genome replication, cell proliferation and chromatin dynamics

6 Jun 18

Speaker: Crisanto Gutierrez, Ph.D Centro de Biología Molecular (CBM) Severo Ochoa, Madrid.



Organizers: IRB Barcelona

Date: Wednesday, 6 June , 15:00h

Place: Aula Fèlix Serratosa, Parc Científic de Barcelona

Host: Ferran Azorín - IRB Barcelona


The cell division cycle consists of a series of unidirectional and coordinated events that lead to the production of two daughter cells. Current evidence reveals that chromatin dynamics, including nucleosome remodeling, DNA and histone modifications and variants, are crucial for proper progression through the cell cycle. I will focus mainly on two aspects of chromatin regulation during the cell cycle, namely, the initiation of DNA replication during S-phase and the impact of chromatin dynamics on cell proliferation potential during plant development. The study of these aspects in the adult and during development needs to choose an appropriate model system. I will discuss the advantages of using Arabidopsis to tackle basic questions on chromatin dynamics and cell proliferation control, which are largely shared by all multicellular eukaryotes.


Cell and Developmental Biology Programme Seminar