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How cilia signal


Organizer: IRB BioMed Seminars

Date: Friday, 28th April 2023, 12:00h
Place: Felix Serratosa Hall, PCB

Speaker: Jeremy Reiter, MD, PhD - Professor & Chair, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, School of Medicine - University of California, San Francisco.


Title: "How cilia signal"

Host: Dr. Jens Lüders- Microtubule organization in cell proliferation and differentiation LAB - IRB Barcelona - Mechanisms of Disease Programme.


Abstract: Hedgehog pathway components and select G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) localize to the primary cilium, an organelle specialized for signal transduction. Misactivation of ciliary Hedgehog signaling causes cancers such as basal cell carcinoma and medulloblastoma. Defects in ciliary GPCR function can cause obesity by altering the function of neurons controlling feeding behaviors. I will discuss new data about how human ciliopathies (diseases caused by defective cilia) alter ciliary GPCR signaling to change behavior.


IRB BioMed Seminar


IMPORTANT: For attendees outside the PCB community you must register at least 24h before the seminar.



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