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Metabolomics as a unique biochemical approach to understand cell metabolism

12 Jul 19

Speaker: Oscar Yanes, PhD., Department of Electronic Engineering & IISPV, Universitat Rovira i Virgili - CIBER of Diabetes and Associated Metabolic Diseases (CIBERDEM)



Organizers: IRB Barcelona
Date: Friday 12th July, 12.00h
Place: Félix Serratosa, Parc Cientific de Barcelona

Host: Manuel Serrano, PhD - IRB Barcelona


Metabolomics is defined as the comprehensive and quantitative analysis of metabolites in living organisms. Metabolomics is developing fast and attracting many scientists from adjacent disciplines, mainly chemistry, biology, mathematics and statistics, and computer science. For this reason, metabolomics is possibly the most multidisciplinary among the omic sciences. Here a global overview of the field will be provided, with a particular focus on the main metabolomic techniques and experimental approaches for targeted and untargeted studies in relevant biomedical areas such as cancer and diabetes, including the use stable isotope labeling methods to study how metabolic fluxes are regulated. Finally, new findings on epigenetic regulations at the interplay between gut microbiota and host metabolism will be presented.

Plenary Seminar