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From Science to Business - BIST & ESADE Business School

31 Mayo 16
- 2 Jun 16


The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST) and its participating centers are pleased to announce the organization of "From Science to Business", a 3-day intensive workshop on entrepreneurship in research, delivered in collaboration with ESADE Business School.

From Science to Business will prepare participants to:

  • To get acquainted with the business world, and to show how companies create value to society and for themselves: providing more, better and healthier food, a cleaner, healthier and more safety environment, a longer and better quality of life, wealth, etc.
  • To provide with a framework to understand how companies work and how they create value in a competitive environment.
  • To help to understand the new venture creation process, and the role that science/technology plays in it.
  • To show that new venture creation needs scientists and engineers, and that entrepreneurship can be an attractive career path for them.



The program is aimed at BIST researchers (senior researchers, postdoctoral fellows and last year doctoral students as well). This course aims to increase the speed of turning innovation and knowledge into new ventures. The course is designed for groups of approximately 20-25 people to ensure optimal participation, learning and faculty-to-participant ratio.



ESADE Business School, Pedralbes Campus

Avd. Esplugues 92-96, 08034 Barcelona

  • Tues, 31 May 2016: 9 -18.30h
  •  Wed,  1 June 2016: 9 -18.30h
  • Thurs, 2 June 2016: 9 -18.30h

A networking event will be organized for the evening of 30 May at a venue to be determined.


From Science to Business - BIST & ESADE Business School

31 May - 2 June 2016


Registration Deadline: Monday, 4 April 2016 (A limited number of spaces are available for researchers at each BIST institute).


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