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Spatio-temporal regulation of RNA condensates in the aging brain


Organizer: IRB BioMed Seminars

Speaker: Dr. Florence Besse  -  Director & Group Leader , Institut de Biologie Valrose (iBV)| Nice, France

Date: Friday, 12 May 2023 at 12 PM

Place: Felix Serratosa Hall, PCB

Host: Jordi Casanova, Ph.D. - Group Leader, Development and Morphogenesis in Drosophila, Aging and Metabolism Programme



Neurons rely on macro- and micro-cellular compartmentalization to rapidly process information, and locally respond to external stimuli. By mediating the transport of RNAs to axons or dendrites, and by tightly regulating their translation in space and time, neuronal ribonucleoprotein (RNP) granules play a crucial role in such a subcellular organization. How these condensates enriched in RNA molecules and associated regulatory proteins respond to physiological stimuli to promote neuronal functions in the context of intact circuits has however remained unclear.
We study neuronal RNP granules that assemble in Drosophila CNS neurons and are transported to the axons of neurons involved in learning and memory. By combining functional approaches, live-imaging and biochemical purifications, our group is exploring the mechanisms underlying both long-distance transport of RNP granules and remodeling in response to aging. 


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