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The DNA-Proteome: Recent advances towards establishing the protein-DNA interaction space

20 Abr 09
- 22 Abr 09

Herbert Auer (IRB Barcelona) and Erich Grotewold (Ohio State University, USA) BARCELONA, Spain. 20-22 APRIL, 2009



The genomic DNA sequence provides the blueprint for all cellular processes. This DNA sequence is interpreted by a large number of DNA-binding proteins, which participate in providing a specific structural landscape to the genome (e.g., histones) or in controlling which genes need to be deployed in a time- and space-specific context (e.g., transcription factors). It is of paramount biological importance to identify what the space of protein-DNA interactions is in a particular organism, the DNA-Proteome, and to describe the rules that govern them.

Providing a discussion environment and insights into novel biological concepts describing the DNA-Proteome, primarily arising from the application of cutting-edge experimental and computational technologies, is the main objective of this conference.

Organized by IRB Barcelona with the collaboration of the BBVA Foundation. Hosted by the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (IEC).

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Registration deadline: March 5, 2009

There is no registration fee for this conference, but the number of participants is limited.

Participants are invited to submit abstracts, a number of which will be selected for short talk and poster presentations. Abstracts should include a title, authors, affiliations, summary (max 250 words) and references.


The BARCELONA BIOMED CONFERENCE on THE DNA-PROTEOME: Recent advances towards establishing the protein-DNA interaction space will be hosted by the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (IEC) in the heart of downtown Barcelona. Talks will take place in the Sala Prat de Riba.

Institut d'Estudis Catalans
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08001 Barcelona

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How to reach the IEC by public transport:

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Speakers will be lodged at the Hotel Catalonia Ramblas
c/ Pelayo, 28
08001 Barcelona
Tel. +34 93.316.84.00
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Help in finding accommodation in Barcelona can be obtained through the following websites:

For more information about Barcelona, you can also consult the IRB Barcelona web section "Living in Barcelona".

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Inner courtyard of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans, drawn in pastel by conference speaker Enrico Coen (John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK) in October 2008.



  • Herbert Auer (IRB Barcelona, Spain)
  • Erich Grotewold (Ohio State University, USA)


  • Robin Allshire (Edingurgh, UK)
  • Sara Bray (Cambridge, UK)
  • Vivian G. Cheung (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  • Bart Deplancke (Lausanne, Switzerland)
  • Joe Ecker (La Jolla, CA, USA)
  • Manel Esteller (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Peggy Farnham (Davis, CA, USA)
  • Eileen Furlong (Heildelberg, Germany)
  • Thomas R. Gingeras (Cold Spring Harbor, NY, USA)
  • Thomas Graf (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Erich Grotewold (Columbus, OH, USA)
  • Roderic Guigo (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Jan Karlseder (La Jolla, CA, USA)
  • Saadi Kochbin (Grenoble, France)
  • Duncan Odom (Cambridge, UK)
  • Rolf Ohlsson (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Dirk Schübeler (Basel, Switzerland)
  • Mikel Snyder (New Haven, CT, USA)
  • Gary Stormo (St Louis, MO, USA)
  • Greg Wray (Durham, NC, USA)