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Understanding the role of Solute Carrier Transporters in health and disease

19 Nov 21

Speaker: Prof Simon Newstead - Professor Molecular Membrane Biology - Wellcome Trust Investigator - Biochemistry Tutor Christ Church - Department of Biochemistry - University of Oxford 



Organizer: IRB Barcelona

Date: Friday, 19 November 2021, 12.00

Place: Felix Serratosa Hall

Host: Manuel Palacín, PhD - IRB Barcelona



Solute carrier (SLC) membrane transport proteins control essential physiological functions, including nutrient uptake, ion transport, and waste removal. SLCs are the second-largest family of membrane proteins in the human genome and can be seen as cellular gatekeepers, controlling the flow and balance of nutrients in the body. The past 10 years we have seen an explosion in our understanding of the structural and biochemical basis for SLC function, which combined with previous physiological studies has revolutionised SLC biology. Recently our group reported the structures for  SLC transporters involved in peptide and folic acid uptake in the human body, revealing key mechanistic insights into proton coupled nutrient acquisition ( Importantly, many SLC proteins function as important routes for drug delivery in cancer and oral absorption. In this seminar I will discuss our recent findings and discuss their implications for advancing SLC biology and developing more effective anticancer, antiviral and antibiotic drugs. 


Important: For attendees outside the PCB community you must register at least 24hours before the seminar.