The latest version of Stanford University's prestigious global science ranking has just been released, and an impressive number of IRB Barcelona researchers feature among the top 2% of scientists worldwide!

If we focus on 2022 alone, the Stanford list cites Drs. Manuel Serrano, Toni Gabaldón, Eduard Batlle, Antonio Zorzano, Fran Supek, Modesto Orozco, Núria López-BigasÁngel R. Nebreda, Abel David González-Pérez, and Manuel Palacín.

Moreover, among the world's elite scientists, Stanford highlights the following IRB Barcelona researchers on the basis of their impact over their entire career: Drs. Manuel Serrano, Toni Gabaldón, Modesto Orozco, Antonio Zorzano, Ángel R. Nebreda, Manuel Palacín, Cayetano González, and Eduard Batlle.


Stanford's top 2% researchers list 2023


Their inclusion emphasises IRB Barcelona's reputation as an outstanding centre for impactful discovery and innovation. The consistent recognition of the Institute's scientists serves to drive its endeavours to advance the frontiers of knowledge in various fields, such as oncology, molecular biology, and computational biology.

IRB Barcelona's scientists join a prominent group identified by Stanford's data-driven approach as the most influential in their respective fields of expertise. Their work drives progress on critical challenges ranging from disease to sustainability and inspires future generations of researchers. See the full updated list here

Many congratulations to all the IRB Barcelona researchers recognised, as well as scientists across Spain and and beyond working tirelessly to expand human understanding!