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Histopathology Facility

Trip Lab
Neus Prats
Core Facility Manager
+34 93 40 20546

Research information


The facility provides histopathological services and training opportunities to the IRB scientific community and to external public and private research centers, thus applying its expertise to offer customized and cost-effective support.

The facility offers a wide variety of histological studies, ranging from routine techniques and services to the development of new approaches (IHC, IF,…), experimental pathology studies, reports, and consultancy services (mouse phenotyping, animal models of disease, drug efficacy and non-GLP toxicity studies).

Facility staff are also involved in the organization and provision of specialized courses and master’s degree in Laboratory Animal Pathology and Toxicology.

For more information, please contact the facility manager at


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Selected publications

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CERCAGINYS és la plataforma d’accés a les infraestructures científiques i tècniques dels 41 centres CERCA. La iniciativa vol optimitzar l’accés a aquestes instal·lacions per a tota la comunitat científica i tecnològica i, molt especialment, vol evidenciar la possibilitat que el sector privat empresarial i industrial també pot fer-ne ús, accedint, així mateix, als serveis de personal tècnic altament qualificat. La proposta forma part d’un projecte més ampli, vinculat al Pla d’Acció d’Infraestructures finançat pel Ministeri de Ciència i Innovació a través de la I-CERCA.



Consult the service rates

  • Rodent histopathological studies and reports:
    • Assistance with protocol study set up (experimental design) and development
    • Mouse phenotyping
    • Animal models of disease (inflammatory, autoimmune, neoplastic)
    • Drug efficacy
    • Non-GLP drug toxicity
  • Whole rodent necropsy, tissue collection, gross examination with report.
    • Training in necropsy techniques, including blood collection and perfusion
  • Fixation of cells, tissues and organs
  • Trimming, freezing and embedding of tissues for histology
  • Paraffin-embedded and frozen sections
  • Routine Hematoxylin and Eosin staining of sections
  • Specialized histochemical staining of sections (e.g. Trichrome, PAS, Pearl´s, and many other stains)
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and Immunofluorescence (IF) studies
  • Digital image scanning
  • Quantitative Techniques for Morphological Evaluation (Histomorphometry, Computer-based Image Analysis)

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Facility equipment

  • Tissue-Tek VIP Vacuum Infiltration Processor - Sakura
  • RM2255 Rotary Microtome – Leica
  • CM1950 Cryostat – Leica
  • CoverStainer – Dako
  • Artisan Link Pro – Dako
  • AutostainerPlus – Dako
  • Ventana Discovery XT – Roche
  • CX43 Biological Microscope – Oympus
  • DM1000 LED bright field microscope with ICC50 HD digital camera – LEICA
  • Nanozoomer 2.0HT – Hamamatsu

Group members

Core Facility Manager
Research Officer
Research Officer
Research Officer
Technical Officer
Technical Officer
Technical Officer
Lab Assistant

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