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Dissecting the temporal organization of signaling activities in development and cancer

28 maig 21

Speaker: Sergi Regot, PhD. - Assistant Professor, Principal Investigator – Johns Hopkins School of Medicine – Baltimore, USA.  



Organizer: IRB Barcelona

Date: Friday 28 May 2021, 3PM

Title: "Dissecting the temporal organization of signaling activities in development and cancer"

Host: Francesc Posas, PhD and Eulàlia de Nadal, PhD,  Cell Signaling Lab  - Mechanisms of Disease Programme - IRB Barcelona


A fundamental property of living cells is their ability to sense and respond to a changing environment. This versatility is achieved through highly interconnected signaling networks that have been carefully characterized through genetic and biochemical approaches. However, how cells organize these signaling activities in space and time to make decisions remains poorly understood. In order to address these questions, live single cell measurements of signaling and cell fate choices are critical. In our laboratory we use live cell imaging of genetically encoded biosensors to characterize the temporal organization of signaling activities during mammalian development and tumorigenesis. Specifically, I will discuss our most recent work regarding the role of MAPK signaling network dynamics in preimplantation development and the early stages of cancer.

Biomed Webinar

Open to predoctoral UPF students

If you are interested in participating please send an email to cristina.mendez@irbbarcelona.org