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How to finance a project from a science-based company?

20 jun 17
¿Cómo conseguir financiar un proyecto de empresa científica? Tuesday, 20 June 2017, Fèliz Serratosa Room (event in Spanish).


We are glad to invite you to a co-organized event among Capital Cell and IRB Barcelona with the collaboration of ACCIó.

Come and discover how to raise the capital you need to turn your project into a reality. In this session, Daniel Oliver, CEO of Capital Cell, and Sandra Font, Head of International and Alternative Finance at ACCIÓ, will give tips and recommendations on the search for financing.

This workshop will focus on several topics related to the funding of science-based companies, including proper valuation, when to raise funds, “Runaway: ask for enough funding”, what and how to prepare your project proposal before presenting it to investors, when to negotiate with venture capital organisations, and alternative instruments of financing. Check out the programme!

Capital Cell thrives on the discovery of novel, innovative, scientific research and development, and helping shape the future of life science commercialisation. Founded and run by experienced scientists and finance professionals, the company was created to share the opportunity of life science investment with everybody.

Previously, investment in the life science industry was inaccessible for almost everyone, due to the large sums of money required to advance projects, and the requirement to have high levels of technical understanding. However, Capital Cell is changing this, by acting as a regulated platform on which anyone can invest in innovative, privately owned life science companies.


More info on the web page of the event. This event will be held in Spanish.