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Intertwined fates: tumor-immune crosstalk in breast cancer


Organizer: IRB BioMed Seminars

Date: Friday 14 October, 12:00h
Place: Felix Serratosa Hall, PCB

Speaker: Karin E. de Visser, Ph.D. Group Leader, Division of Tumor Biology & Immunology, Oncode Institute, Netherlands cancer Institute in Amsterdam. Professor Esperimental Immunology of Cancer, Leiden University, Netherlands

Title: "Intertwined fates: tumor-immune crosstalk in breast cancer"

Host: Angel Nebreda, PhD 



The overall goal of our research is to understand by which mechanisms the immune system influences metastatic breast cancer. In this seminar, I will present unpublished work on how myeloid-adaptive immune cell crosstalk dictates response to immune checkpoint blockade in breast cancer. By combining translational research with fundamental research in preclinical mouse models, we have discovered an unanticipated causal role for eosinophils in the therapeutic benefit provided by immune checkpoint blockade (ICB) in combination with chemotherapy.


Moreover, I will present recent work on how the genetic makeup of breast cancer impacts the immune landscape. Our newest studies have uncovered that there is a substantial difference between mammary tumors with different hotspot p53 mutations in terms of immune phenotype. While certain p53 mutants induce a T cell-inflamed (immunologically ‘hot’) tumor that responds to immune checkpoint blockade, other p53 mutants induce a non-T cell-inflamed (immunologically ‘cold’) tumor that does not respond. These insights will set the stage for tailoring immunomodulatory therapies to the DNA code of tumors of individual patients.


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