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New tricks of an old player: senescence induced-cellular plasticity in tissue regeneration and degeneration


Organizer: IRB BioMed Seminars

Speaker: Dr. Han Li - Group Leader - Cellular plasticity in age-related pathologies  (Department of Development and Stem Cell Biology) - Institut Pasteur, Paris, France.  

Date: Friday, 2 December 2022 at 12PM

Place: Auditorium, PCB

Host: Manuel Serrano, PhD - Group Leader - Cellular Plasticity and Disease - IRB Barcelona - Aging and Metabolism Programme



Cellular senescence is a form of stress response to various stimuli that leads to stable cell-cycle arrest, which plays a crucial role in tumor suppression and negatively impacts healthy aging. Recent studies have expanded their roles in embryonic development and tissue regeneration. 

Cellular plasticity is the capacity of a cell to adopt different identities in response to environmental stimuli. Cellular reprogramming to pluripotency is the best example of how plastic a terminally differentiated cell can have, which has tremendous implications in tissue regeneration and tumorigenesis. Although it is increasingly recognized that adult somatic cells can acquire plasticity under both physiological and pathological conditions, the mechanisms underlying cell fate conversion are mostly unknown.  

She will discuss the impact of cellular senescence on cellular plasticity in the context of reprogramming and tissue regeneration, with a particular focus on the heterogeneity of the senescence phenotype. 


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