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Publishing at Nature Research

14 jun 18

If you love reading about the latest scientific advances and are interested in pursuing employment opportunities beyond the bench, then an editorial career might be for you. In this seminar, Brooke LaFlamme, Chief Editor of Communications Biology, will talk about her personal career path and what she thinks makes a great editor. Her presentation will also provide an overview of the editorial process at Nature Research and Communications Biology in particular, including how they decide which papers to send to review and how the publication process works. In the last part of her presentation, she will give advice on how to best organise and present manuscripts prior to submission, from an editor’s perspective. In the final part of the session, you will work in groups to edit your own abstracts, applying the principles learned.



Organizer: IRB Barcelona
Date:  Thursday, June 14,  09:30-13:30h
PlaceRoom 1 Tower I, Parc Científic de Barcelona, Spain

To register, please send an e-mail to leyre.caracuel@irbbarcelona.org before June 8. 

The workshop is limited to 20 participants.

If you are registered and finally cannot attend, please send us an e-mail in order to give others the opportunity.




Personal Career Path

What makes a great editor


Overview of the editorial process at Nature Research, and at Communications Biology in particular.
How to best organise and present your manuscript prior to submission, from an editor’s perspective.



Brooke LaFlamme joined the editorial team at Nature Genetics in 2013 and is currently Chief Editor of Communications Biology. Her duties at the journal include development of the journal’s editorial strategy, choosing manuscripts for peer review and overseeing the peer review process, enforcing journal policies, attending and organising conferences, and conducting lab visits. She received her PhD from Cornell University, where she studied Drosophila seminal fluid proteins with Prof. Mariana Wolfner. Brooke conducted her postdoctoral work in stem cell biology with Dr. Shuibing Chen at Weill Cornell Medical College.