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Regulation of pancreas cell fate decisions in homeostasis and disease

23 jul. 21

Speaker: Rocio Sancho, PhD - Head of the Pancreas Plasticity and Regeneration Lab - Centre for Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine - King's College London - UK




Organizer: IRB Barcelona

Date: Friday 23 July 2021, 12PM

Title: "Regulation of pancreas cell fate decisions in homeostasis and disease"

Host:  Manuel Serrano, PhD - Cellular Plasticity and Disease - Aging & Metabolism Programme - IRB Barcelona


The pancreas has a very limited regenerative potential during homeostasis. Despite its quiescent nature, recent in vivo models suggest that a certain degree of regeneration and cellular interconversion is possible in the adult pancreas. Cellular plasticity can be observed in essentially all cell types within the pancreas when provided with the right stress stimuli. The molecular regulation of this plasticity shares remarkable similarities with pancreas beta cell differentiation during development, however the identity of the plastic cells remains elusive.  Using iPSCs and adult ductal derived organoids we have uncovered new fundamental regulatory networks and cell populations involved in pancreatic cell fate decisions during homeostasis and disease. The potential use of organoids derived beta cells offers new therapeutic strategies for diabetes.


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