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Single-cell DNA methylation studies to identify lymphoma-specific events in healthy individuals


Organizer: IRB BioMed Seminars

Date: Friday 29 September 2023, 12:00h
Place: Auditorium Antoni Caparrós, PCB

Speaker: Renée Beekman, MD & PhD - Group Leader - Single Cell Epigenomics and Cancer Development - Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG). Barcelona

Title: "Single-cell DNA methylation studies to identify lymphoma-specific events in healthy individuals"

Host: Dr. Núria López Bigas, Group Leader - Biomedical Genomics Laboratory- IRB Barcelona - Cancer Science Programme.



DNA methylation plays a critical role during development and presents a high level of cell type-specificity. This has motivated the advancement of single-cell DNA methylation analysis methods to assess cellular identity as well as epigenetic heterogeneity. However, due to the extensive sequencing effort required to cover the large number of CpGs in the human genome, currently available techniques produce extremely sparse datasets with a low-throughput output, limiting many applications. To tackle this, we developed a high-throughput targeted method, which facilitates the assessment of up to ~700 CpGs in up to ~10,000 cells (single-cell targeted analysis of the methylome, scTAM-seq). We have applied scTAM-seq to study the DNA methylation profile of B-cell subpopulations from bone marrow and blood. scTAM-seq is capable to identify B-cell subtypes based on DNA methylation and complex cellular substructures. Furthermore, preliminary data shows that scTAM-seq can identify lymphoma-specific DNA methylation patterns in healthy individuals. In summary, we present a new single-cell DNA methylation method that allows to uncover cellular heterogeneity at unprecendented detail.


IRB BioMed Seminar


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