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Strange bodies: why the worlds of design, art and science need to exist as creative provocateurs.

18 jun 19
“Strange bodies: why the worlds of design, art and science need to exist as creative provocateurs.”

Speaker: Antony Nevin, designer Date: Tuesday, June 18 2019, Fèlix Serratosa Room Time: 17:00h. Refreshments will be served afterwards (PCB Terrace)



Why do we need to be creative provocateurs?

In 2019 Nature magazine offered the following provocation “Traditional thinking imposes that the arts and sciences are rooted in opposite values: creativity, imagination and freedom of thought for the former; rationality, rigorousness and acceptance of laws for the latter". But are they? Art and Design offer a way in which we can challenge post truth society. In this talk Antony Nevin will use his creative practice to trace a way that art and design can build a bridge between science and society.

Nevin is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Design of the Massey University, New Zealand. He has been selected as IRB Barcelona's Artist i Residence for 2019. His creative practice uses light and movement, achieved through custom built hardware and software, to explore ways of designing and communicating human experiences. He is "fascinated with how the unseen cellular world revealed through biomedical imaging can be made tangible and how the universal human condition of sleeping, waking and dreaming can be communicated through technologically enabled, illuminated and sonic installations". Visit his webpage to find out more about his work.

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