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Top-Down Mass Spectrometry Meeting

2 jul. 19




Top-down protein mass spectrometry allows comprehensive characterization of proteoforms from complex mixtures and avoids many pitfalls associated with traditional bottom-up workflows. Moreover, proteoform analysis is strongly connected to diagnosis in complex phenotypes and can be key in clinical applications.

We will present several examples of top-down mass spectrometry for its use in translational proteomics and the latest advances in the field with Orbitrap instruments.


9:20  Marta Vilaseca (IRB Barcelona): Welcome and Introduction. 

9:30  Marina Gay (IRB Barcelona): Proteoforms. The new proteomics challenge

10:15 Luca Fornelli (University of Oklahoma): Applications of proton transfer charge reduction for intact protein characterization.

10:55 Daniel Lopez-Ferrer (Thermo Fisher, San José, CA): New technological advances for Top-down protein analysis on an Orbitrap Eclipse tribrid MS.

11:35 Coffee break

12:05 Peter Verhaert (ProteoFormiX, Belgium): Development of different clinical Top-down proteomics applications

12:45 Sega Ndiaye (Thermo Fisher, Paris, France): Advances in Orbitrap Instrumentation for Native Top-Down Analysis of Non- Covalent Protein Complexes.

13:15  Daniel Lopez-Ferrer (Thermo Fisher, San José, CA): NanoPOTS sample processing and the Orbitrap Eclipse tribrid mass spectrometer enable in-depth proteome profiling of single mammalian cells

13:45  Meeting ends

13:50  Lunch and networking