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WellBIST course - Impostor syndrome


Impostor Syndrome is a prevalent and debilitating phenomenon among researchers. PhD students, Postdocs, and even Heads of research departments often grapple with persistent feelings of inadequacy and fear of being exposed as frauds. Despite significant achievements, individuals affected by Impostor Syndrome attribute their success to luck or external factors rather than their own competence and effort.

Addressing Impostor Syndrome requires a multifaceted approach, including fostering a supportive academic culture, providing mentorship, and promoting mental health awareness. Workshops and training sessions can play a crucial role in helping researchers recognize and overcome these feelings, ultimately empowering them to acknowledge their skills and contributions authentically. Developing resilience and self-confidence is essential for creating a healthier and more productive research community.

In this workshop, you will understand what the impostor syndrome is, become aware of how you experience it, and find out how it may be impacting your career.

This workshop will be in English.

This workshop is part of the WellBIST, the BIST psychological support programme.

Trainer: Míriam Bayés

Target: all audiences

Date: Friday, 3 May, 09:30 - 14:00 h

Place: Recinte de La Maternitat, room TBC

Organiser: BIST



  •    Understand what the Impostor Syndrome is (a Phenomenon).
  •    Become aware of how you experience it.
  •    Find out how it's impacting your career.





Míriam Bayés