2016: An energetic and productive year at IRB Barcelona

2016 has been an energetic and productive year at IRB Barcelona, and we have continued to go from strength to strength across the board in our research and related areas of activity.

First and foremost, our science made bold headlines in 2016 for discoveries that are likely to have a real impact on human health as well as further our understanding of basic molecular processes. IRB Barcelona researchers made key discoveries in linking lipids to the progression of cancer and metastasis; they used bioinformatics to identify drug combinations likely to overcome resistance to breast cancer treatment; they identified a set of genes associated with a set of poorly understood rare diseases affecting the brain, respiratory tract, and reproductive system; and provided an explanation as to why the genetic code stopped growing three billion years ago. Publications in 2016 totalled 182, with 91% in Q1 and 69% in D1, reaffirming the high quality of our contributions to the scientific literature.


In 2016, IRB Barcelona research appeared in 182 articles published in international peer-reviewed journals. We have selected some of the most promising topics our researchers worked on throughout the year to give a feeling of what’s going on in our labs. For more information on our research, consult our news page.

Other Highlights

In addition to performing cutting edge research at the forefront of biomedicine, in 2016 IRB Barcelona advanced at a solid pace in its related missions of providing high-quality training for scientists at all stages of their careers, driving innovation through active technology transfer, and actively engaging society in an open dialogue about the importance and impact that biomedical research can have on their lives. We include here a few key highlights in these areas, including the awarding of an H2020 project in which five international partners will collaborate to deliver a series of international PhD Student Symposia, the launching of a new spin-off company, and a partnering programme with a local primary school to design a school curriculum based on biomedicine to boost academic results and social cohesion. In 2016, we also hired a new group leader, launched a fundraising campaign to finance a new PhD fellowship, granted the first IRB Barcelona Alumni of Excellence Award, and strengthened our collaboration with the research centres belonging to the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology.

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