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<p>Nostrum BioDiscovery team</p>
07 Apr 2020

Nostrum Biodiscovery joins forces with Grifols and IrsiCaixa in the fight against COVID-19

Several media have reported on the collaboration of Nostrum Biodiscovery, a company cofounded by IRB Barcelona researcher Modesto Orozco, with Grifols and IrsiCaixa. This spin-off company from IRB Barcelona will contribute to research into COVID-19 by providing data that will facilitate the intelligent design of drugs in silico for the treatment of coronavirus.

06 Apr 2020

IRB Barcelona collaborates with Amazon on the development of a drug search tool

Several media have reported on the collaboration between IRB Barcelona and Amazon. In this regard, IRB Barcelona’s Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology Laboratory, headed by ICREA researcher Patrick Aloy, is collaborating with the American giant in the development of a tool based on Chemical Checker technology.

<p>Eduard Batlle, head of the Colorectal Cancer Laboratory at IRB Barcelona</p>
01 Apr 2020

The European Research Council awards funding to 10 projects in Catalonia

Several media channels have reported on the award of European Research Council funding to various projects being undertaken in Catalonia. Among these projects is that of Eduard Batlle, head of the Colorectal cancer Lab at IRB Barcelona.


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