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<p>Roger Gomis, head of the Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis Lab at IRB Barcelona and founder of Inbiomotion.</p>
15 Oct 2019

Inbiomotion unravelling the enigma of breast cancer

The economics newspaper Expansión Catalunya has echoed the forthcoming publication of the results of a clinical assay of the MAF-Test, a diagnostic test for breast cancer patients developed by Inbiomotion, a spin-off from IRB Barcelona set up in 2010 by the researcher Roger Gomis. The results are expected to be out in November.

<p>The researcher Meritxell Teixidó has been interviewed on the TVE2’s documentary ¡Qué animal!</p>
15 Oct 2019

Peptides in bee and scorpion venoms for drug delivery to the brain

Meritxell Teixidó, a researcher at IRB Barcelona, has been interviewed on the TVE2’s documentary ¡Qué animal! about her work with peptides from scorpion and bee venom in search of drugs that can reach the brain. "These poisons are able to reach the brain, which explains their toxicity.

<p>The director general of BIST, Gabby Silberman, and the directors of the seven BIST centers planted a tree at the entrance of the BIST headquarters as a symbolic gesture with which the institution joins the global mobilizations against the climate crisis.</p>
01 Oct 2019

Scientists warn that continued climatic change will be"catastrophic" and cause "devastation”

The radio station COPE and the newspapers La Vanguardia and La Razón, among others, have reported on the statement of 7 BIST centres, among them IRB Barcelona, in favour of global action against the climate crisis.


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