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<p>Francesc Posas, director of IRB Barcelona, during his participation on TV3’s “Els Matins” programme.</p>
16 Apr 2019 - TV3

TV3’s programme “Els Matins” has interviewed Francesc Posas, director of IRB Barcelona, about the increase in donations given to NGOs and research centres in Catalonia and about the #Metastasis Challenge campaign. During the interview, he talked about the importance of small fundraising initiatives undertaken by individuals, such as that of Magdalena Socias, a cancer patient who has decided to join the challenge by walking the Sierra de Tramontana to give visibility to the fight against metastasis. Magdalena’s son, Adrià Cañellas, who is a PhD student at IRB Barcelona, also participated in the interview.


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<p>Magdalena Socias, cancer patient.</p>
9 Apr 2019 - ARA & other media

The radio station Cope, and the newspapers Ara Balear, Diario de Mallorca and Ultima Hora, among other media, have echoed news about the personal challenge taken on by Magdalena Socias, a cancer patient in Majorca, who intends to cross La Serra de Tramuntana on foot in order to increase awareness of the fight against the metastasis. This hike is part of the #MetastasisChallenge campaign, through which the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) aims to raise €5 M over the next four years to boost research in this field. Magdalena will walk the 110 kilometers from Andratx to Pollença between 18 and 22 April. "I believe progress can be made through research. It is the best...

<p>Angel R. Nebreda, head of the Signalling and Cell Cycle Laboratory at IRB Barcelona</p>
25 Mar 2019 - La Opinión de Zamora

La Opinión de Zamora has published an article summarising the days of oncological research organised by the United Association against Cancer Toro and its Alfoz (AUCCTA) and in which Angel R. Nebreda, ICREA researcher at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) participated. During his talk, Nebreda commented: "We have come a long way but we still have a lot to do.But think about what we have achieved in the last 30 years, we know a lot more about how cancer develops and we have many more diagnostic methods, we know that there are hereditary cancers, that are genetic, and that they can be prevented by removing breasts and ovaries. We know that lung cancer is directly...

<p>Press conference at IRB Barcelona, presenting the #MetastasisChallenge</p>
19 Mar 2019 - Catalunya Ràdio & other media

Catalunya Ràdio, El Punt Avui, Expansión Catalunya, Europa Press, EFE, among other media, have published an article about the launch of the #MetastasisChallenge campaign. Through this initiative, the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) calls society to action to support research into metastasis—the main cause of death from cancer—by raising €5 M over the next four years.

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<p>Eduard Batlle in "Betevé Notícies Vespre"</p>
18 Mar 2019 -

Betevé Notícies Vespre has interviewed Eduard Batlle, coordinator to the Cancer Programme at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona), about the recent campaign launched by the centre to raise funds for research into metastasis. “We have been studying metastasis at the centre for 10-12 years and have made some important findings. We now feel that it is a timely to push advances in this research, and with greater resources we will be able to speed up the process,” said Eduard Batlle.


<p>Francesc Posas, director at IRB Barcelona</p>
15 Mar 2019 - TV3- Els Matins

The programme “Els Matins” on TV3 has interviewed Francesc Posas, director of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona), about the campaign #MetastasisChallenge. Launched yesterday, this fundraising initiative seeks to call society to action in the fight against metastasis. In the interview, Posas said, “investing in research, and finding therapies and treatments has an incredible impact, and this is what has been done and demonstrated until now. We have observed that metastasis is the main cause of death in individuals with cancer. Metastasis describes the process through which cells escape from the primary tumour. They spread and travel around our bodies and then invade...

<p>Salvador Aznar Benitah leads the Stem Cells and Cancer laboratory at IRB Barcelona</p>
14 Mar 2019 - Radio Nacional de España

Radio Nacional de España has interviewed Salvador Aznar Benitah, head of the Stem Cells and Cancer lab at IRB Barcelona, about the campaign called #MetastasisChallenge. This initiative seeks to raise € 5 M over four years, funding expected to allow the centre to speed up cancer research by recruiting talent, purchasing new technology and equiping new laboratories, such as a metastasis research unit.


<p>Marta Kovatcheva, postdoctoral researcher at IRB Barcelona</p>
1 Mar 2019 - 20 minutos

20 Minutos, La Rioja and Europa Press have published an article on the funding received by IRB Barcelona scientist Marta Kovatcheva for her studies on how to prevent lung cancer relapse after treatment. Thanks to the IV Women's Race organised by the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) in La Rioja, her research will receive 160,000 euros.

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<p>Image: La Vanguardia</p>
28 Feb 2019 - El Mundo & other media

El Mundo, La Vanguardia, ABC, Expansión, El Punt Avui, Ara, among other media, have published an article about the launch of "Starlife", a new informatics infrastructure. This technology will allow the use of the most advanced computation techniques, such as those applied to detect new genes linked to cancer and rare diseases, or to simulate the behaviour of molecules and thus speed up the drug discovery process.

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<p>Image: Ok Diario</p>
25 Feb 2019 - Ok Diario

Ok diario and Noticiero Universal have published an article about the research led by IRB Barcelona and CNAG-CRG that confirms that the loss of cellular identity is one of the causes of aging. The paper reports that that, during aging, fibroblasts acquire many characteristics of adipocytes.

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