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At IRB Barcelona we are proud of our growing community, a network formed by more than 400 scientists and support staff, more than 1000 alumni, and hundreds of donors, supporters and friends. Together, we can all make a difference!


Would you like to share your views and news with the members of the IRB Barcelona community?

Latest Community Events

IRB Barcelona BioMed Seminars

Speaker: Poul Nissen

Aarhus University, Dept. Molecular Biology and Genetics / DANDRITE Nordic-EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine




“Heading up IRB Barcelona’s Experimental Bioinformatics Laboratory was a great learning experience to work on a wide variety of projects surrounded by top quality scientists.”

Montse Soler López
IRB Barcelona Alummni - Molecular Biology Lab Mana...

“The Alumni Network can be a very powerful tool and it would be a perfect showcase for my research and for me to look for talent for my lab.” 

Alejandro Vaquero
Chromatin Biology Lab at IDIBELL (Spain) - At IRB ...

“Developing your career involves support from your present and past colleagues. Preserving friendships and connections with former co-workers is a must, and the reason why an Alumni Network has such a great potential.”

Gavin Whissell
IRB Barcelona Alumni - Rare Genetic Disease Biolog...

«The Barcelona BioMed Conferences series provide an inspiring forum to discuss great science from a range of fields – in a spectacular setting. The conferences break down traditional boundaries of scientific fields and bring different players together for a new perspective. A great opportunity, especially for younger researchers. Definitely keep an eye on this series.»

John H. J. Petrini
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

«I'm sure that everything I learned at IRB Barcelona, a scientist, as a PhD student representative, and as a communication officer will help me in the new steps of my career.»

Jordi Lanuza
IRB Barcelona Alumni

«The research quality at IRB Barcelona is very high, and the good weather is a bonus! I also had first-class help from the Institute to get settled in.»

Mark Ian James
Postdoctoral Fellow

«IRB Barcelona is a place where research is done at an internationally competitive level, and strong collaborations are forged through shared ideas and efforts. It’s full of innovative and ambitious minds supported by the latest technologies in biomedical research. Add the friendly atmosphere, opportunities for social and scientific exchange, and the irresistible culture, food and weather of Catalonia, and you’ve got the perfect mix.»

Francisca de Oliveira Peixoto
Postdoctoral Fellow

«When  I first arrived I was a bit afraid. But I love it here. Nice people, nice food, nice weather. And most of all: great research. Everyone makes me feel comfortable.»

Tomomi Hashiyama
Alumni - Postdoctoral Fellow

«As we improve our understanding of the molecular bases of disease, the possibilities of intervening with molecular tools are multiplying. We need a XXI-century chemistry that is subtle and complex, and that will be able to design any type of molecule. One that is not limited to what we currently have to see if it works, but that will be able to tailor specific molecules from natural products. In other words, a chemistry that is capable of pushing the limits of complexity of synthesis.»

Ernest Giralt
Emeritus Professor

«We are at an unprecedented position in history to bring about change in the way we deal with human health and disease.»

Joan J. Guinovart
Emeritus Professor

«At IRB Barcelona I found a solid scientifc project, and the opportunity to 'contaminate' myself working with biophysicists. The solvency of the Institute, the competitiveness of the science together with the unparalleled quality of lifeof the city convinced me that this was the best choice for my career.»

Claudio Di Sanza
Postdoctoral Fellow

«Our goal is to give IRB Barcelona PhD students the quality training and support they need to become independent thinkers, setting a solid basis for their scientific careers.»

Raúl Méndez
Group Leader

«Sometimes the best way to make research useful for society is to publish and bring new knowledge into public domain. In addition, we need to patend discoveries to guarantee their commercialization and provide incentives for pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs.»

Maria Freire
President of the Foundation of the National Instit...