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<p>Cell &amp; Developmental Biology Programme</p>
31 May

Speaker: Nídia de Sousa, PhD student in Development Biology, University of Barcelona.


01 Jun

Speaker: David Dominguez – Sola, MD, PhD. Assistant Professor Department of Oncological Sciences Tisch Cancer Institute & Precision Immunology Institute Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai New York, NY, USA.

01 Jun

Social media & Research activities


Speaker: Xavier Lasauca,  Knowledge Management (Directorate-General for Research, Generalitat de Catalunya)


02 Jun

Speaker: Prof. Ulrich Tepass, Department of Cell and Systems Biology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


<p>Cell &amp; Developmental Biology Programme</p>
07 Jun

Speaker: Dr. Lucas Carey, Group Leader Single Cell Behavior Lab. Department of Experimental and Health Sciences. Universitat Pompeu Fabra


09 Jun

Speaker: Dr. Jose Manuel Torres – Cellular Biology Unit – University of Valencia - Spain


12 Jun

Speakers: Sarah Blackford, BSc, MA

Sarah Blackford is a qualified academic career specialist (MA, Warwick University) with a background in scientific research and publishing. She provides a wide range of career support activities to doctoral students and early-career researchers and has been delivering specialised career workshops and one-to-one coaching for over 10 years in research institutions, universities, EU consortia and doctoral training programmes.  Her workshops are broadly based on her book, ‘Career planning for research bioscientists, and much of her advice and resources are published on her blog, www.biosciencecareers.org.  As a registered career practitioner, Sarah adheres to a recognised ethical code of practice during the course of her work. 


Barcelona BioMed

Meritxell Gavaldà
Conference and Event Coordinator
Tel: +34 93 40 34955


<p>School kids</p>

We engage school kids at all levels of their education in our outreach activities to help foster their interest in and passion for science, and help them on the road to choosing a career in science and technology.

CCCB/Adrià Goula

'Science today for the medicine of the future' is a conference series within the Barcelona BioMed Perspectives programme, organized by IRB Barcelona and hosted by the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona). Its goal is to provide insight into current research developments and the challenges facing our scientists today in order to discover the medicine of tomorrow. 


IRB Barcelona organises regular science training workshops for high school teachers,, bringing them together with our scientists to investigate some of the current questions in molecular medicine and to get a hands-on look at the methodologies used. Scientists and teachers work together to develop and refine materials and resources to take back to the classroom

<p>crazy about medicine</p>

This flagship year-long mentoring programme brings 24 high school students in their first year of baccalaureate into the lab for hands-on learning. Theoretical and practical sessions are led by IRB Barcelona students on Saturday mornings, with a goal to fostering passion and vocation for scientific careers. Students also have the opportunity to do their high-school science project under the tutelage of an IRB Barcelona researcher.


We offer a summer internship programme for undergraduate students giving them an opportunity to participate hands-on in on-going research projects conducted by our young researchers at IRB Barcelona. A new programme, Maths4Life, provides an additional opportunity for motivated undergraduates and MSc students with a strong interest in mathematics and statistics.


IRB Barcelona strongly believes that scientific institutes have an obligation to inform the public of our work and to encourage an open dialogue about an area of science that is likely to have a huge impact on people’ s lives.

ENABLE Conference

The 1st European PhD and Postdoc Symposium

ENABLE is the 1st European PhD and Postdoc Symposium and it will be held in Barcelona from the 15th to the 17th of November 2017. Its ais is to highlight recent advances and applications of modern techniques and models in biomedical research. The symposium is organised by PhD students and Postdocs from four international institutes. It offers top-notch scientific lectures as well as opportunities for young scientists to interact with established scientists.


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