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29 Jan

Speaker: Maria Kasper, PhD - Department of Biosciences and Nutrition - Karolinska Institutet - Stockholm - Sweden

Title: Decoding the molecular anatomy of skin

05 Feb

Speaker: Manuel Palacín, PhD - Group Leader - Amino Acid Transporters and Disease Lab - IRB Barcelona


12 Feb

Speaker: Cristina Mayor-Ruiz, PhD - Group Leader - Targeted protein degradation and drug discovery LAB - IRB Barcelona.

19 Feb

Speaker: Irene Miguel-Aliaga - Professor of Genetics and Physiology. Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Clinical Sciences. Imperial College London, UK.

26 Feb

Speaker: Isabel Fariñas, Professor of Cell Biology and Parasitology and coordinator of the Degree in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences, University of Valencia. 

05 Mar

Speaker: Manuel Serrano, PhD - Group Leader - Cellular Plasticity and Disease - IRB Barcelona


19 Mar

Speaker: Alena Gros, PhD -  Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy Group - VHIO - Barcelona


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