Past Events

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5 May 2020 - 16 Jun 2020
26 Mar 2020

The first session will concentrate on the well-established methods of classical transgenesis and gene-targeting via embryonic stem cells, and will include examples of how to produce a range of mutation types; for example over-expression models, gene knock-outs and point mutations, both constitutive and conditional.

The second session will address more recent developments, such as the use of gene-editing nucleases, their advantages and limitations, and novel methods of gene transfer.

10 Mar 2020

The workshop will introduce participants to experimental histopathology by reviewing the basic concepts of pathology (macroscopic and microscopic lesions/tissue evaluation). Routine and specialized histological techniques used to obtain and process tissue samples, and notions of digital pathology, and image acquisition and processing will also be covered.

Moreover, several examples of the applications of histopathological studies to biomedical research will be presented.

The session is addressed mainly to PhD researchers and users of the Histopathology Core Facility.

4 Mar 2020 - 6 Mar 2020

Leadership in Action is a three day; activity based; residential training course.  Working in the Montserrat Hotel and Training Center, will practice your leadership skills and gain an insight into leadership theory.  Working with Postdoctoral staff from across the seven BIST centres, you will have the opportunity to gain insights from follow researchers across the disciplines and at different stages in their career.  Your focus is to develop your leadership style so you are more impactful and effective in your workplace.

11 Feb 2020 - 13 Feb 2020

This workshop led by Cecilia Gorriz (digital designer) will be focused on how to create and edit a scientific thesis with Adobe Indesign.

11 Feb 2020 - 13 Feb 2020

This workshop led by Cecilia Gorriz (digital designer) will be focused on how to create and edit scientific images with Photoshop and Illustrator.

6 Feb 2020 - 21 Feb 2020

What can you do to make yourself a more effective doctoral researcher and get the most out of your PhD?

BIST centers by using the VITAE’s framework, have organized an interactive and intensive two-day course: “How to succeed in your PhD?”, which has been designed for you as first year doctoral researcher and will look at practical ways to increase your effectiveness and meet the challenges of your PhD.

27 Nov 2019

The mission of the Biostatistics/Bioinformatics Unit is to conduct collaborative research and to provide consultation and quantitative research resources to all IRB Barcelona research groups.

We assist scientists by providing both short and long-term consultancy services in the following areas:

• Experimental design
• Data analysis
• Assistance with statistical methodology in own or others’ research
• Software: help in using software, development of software to meet special data analysis or study design needs

26 Nov 2019

On 26 November 2019 IRB Barcelona will host the first EMBO research integrity workshop in our institute. The workshop is divided in two sessions, a morning session from 9:15 to 10:30 open to the entire community, and an afternoon session addressed to senior researchers, including members of Committee for Research Integrity, Group Leaders and members of the Postdoc Council.

Given the relevance of the topic IRB encourages everyone to attend the open informative session (details below), which will be held at the “Caparrós” Auditorium.

Please note that IRB Barcelona plans to continue organising future training events in research integrity and related activities, and also that we are open to ideas and suggestions on how to promote research integrity at IRB.