20 Jun 2017

¿Cómo conseguir financiar un proyecto de empresa científica?

Tuesday, 20 June 2017, Fèliz Serratosa Room
(event in Spanish).

<p>Marc Liesa, 2017 IRB Barcelona Alumni of Excellence Award.</p>
5 May 2017

IRB Barcelona Extraordinary Seminar


10 Apr 2017 - 11 Apr 2017

The workshop is aimed at both experimental (bench-based) researchers and bioinformaticians; additionally it may be of interest to tool developers who wish to integrate their tools into the VRE.
Participants should have an undergraduate understanding of biology AND have knowledge of genome organisation and the role it can play within the nucleus.

10 Nov 2016

ENABLE kick-off Plenary session

10 Nov 2016 - 12 Nov 2016

The 2nd IRB Barcelona PhD Students’ Retreat aims to bring its PhD student community together to exchange experiences and knowledge.

Registration is now open!

Note for BIST Students: four members of each BIST member Institute will be selected to attend the retreat and awarded a fellowship to cover the registration fees and accomodation.
10 Oct 2016

Speaker: Dr. Alexia-Ileana Zaromytidou, Chief Director, Nature Cell Biology, Nature Research


16 Sep 2016

IRB Barcelona Extraordinary Seminar