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<p>School kids</p>

We engage school kids at all levels of their education in our outreach activities to help foster their interest in and passion for science, and help them on the road to choosing a career in science and technology.


IRB Barcelona organises regular science training workshops for high school teachers,, bringing them together with our scientists to investigate some of the current questions in molecular medicine and to get a hands-on look at the methodologies used. Scientists and teachers work together to develop and refine materials and resources to take back to the classroom


IRB Barcelona strongly believes that scientific institutes have an obligation to inform the public of our work and to encourage an open dialogue about an area of science that is likely to have a huge impact on people’ s lives.


<p>The fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster), a means to model and study human disease.</p>
23 Mar 2017

IRB Barcelona is to participate in the second edition of the Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge (BIYSC), organised by the

<p>Teachers and scientists working together.</p>
17 Mar 2017

On 17 and 18 March, fifteen secondary school teachers from around Catalonia will have the opportunity to learn about the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, an animal model used to study de

<p>The image shows tumour cells infected by the virus, which expresses a fluorescent protein. Over the days (in the image fifth day), the virus multiplies, generating new virions that infect more cancer cells (IDIBAPS, IRB Barcelona)</p>
16 Mar 2017

Scientists at the IDIBAPS Biomedical Research Institute and at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) lead a study in which they have designed a new strategy to achieve genetical

<p>Scheme of therapeutic concept designed by IRB Barcelona. The protein frataxina binds to peptide shuttle (blue), allowing the protein to cross the blood brain barrier and reach the brain (IRB Barcelona)</p>
14 Mar 2017

The associations of patients and families Babel Family and the Asociación Granadina de l

Public engagement media mentions

01 Mar 2017

Lídia Bardia: "The fact that it is built with Lego blocks fascinates young students"

Radio EiTB

On the occasion of the official presentation of LegoLish-Mot (Lego Light Sheet Microscopy-Motorized) during the Youth Mobile Festival (YoMo), Euskadi's Radio channel EiTB talks to Lídia Bardia, Research Officer with the Advanced Digital Microscopy Facility at IRB Barcelona. LegoLish-Mot is an innovative light sheet microscope (a kind of microscope that illuminates the sample w

01 Mar 2017

A cutting-edge fluorescence microscope built with Lego blocks at YoMo Barcelona


Various media, including the newspaper “La Vanguardia”, have made reference to IRB Barcelona's participation in the Youth Mobile Festival (YoMo) through a workshop on a  fluorescence microscope made of Lego blocks.

28 Feb 2017

Julien Colombelli: "Building a research microscope from Lego blocks will hopefully motivate kids"


The RNE programme "Entre paréntesis" interviews Julien Colombelli, manager of IRB Barcelona's Advanced Digital Microscopy Laboratory, on the occasion of the official presentation of LegoLish-Mot (Lego Light Sheet Microscopy-Motorized) during the Youth Mobile Festival (YoMo) Barcelona. 

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