Public engagement activities

<p>School kids</p>

We engage school kids at all levels of their education in our outreach activities to help foster their interest in and passion for science, and help them on the road to choosing a career in science and technology.


IRB Barcelona organises regular science training workshops for high school teachers,, bringing them together with our scientists to investigate some of the current questions in molecular medicine and to get a hands-on look at the methodologies used. Scientists and teachers work together to develop and refine materials and resources to take back to the classroom


IRB Barcelona strongly believes that scientific institutes have an obligation to inform the public of our work and to encourage an open dialogue about an area of science that is likely to have a huge impact on people’ s lives.


<p>Patrick Aloy, ICREA Research Professor &amp; ERC Consolidator Grant.</p>
20 Dec 2016

Patrick Aloy (Barcelona, 1972), ICREA research professor and ERC Consolidator Grant holder, leads the

<p>Group leader Salvador Aznar Benitah and first author Gloria Pascual in the Stem Cells and Cancer lab at the IRB Barcelona (M. Minocri, IRB Barcelona)</p>
7 Dec 2016

A study headed by Salvador Aznar Benitah, ICREA researcher at the Inst

<p>7th "Vi per Vida" wine-tasting will be held in Calella next Saturday 26th November</p>
24 Nov 2016

At 18:00 on Saturday 26 November, the Llobet-Guri factory in Calella will host another “Vi per Vida” (Wine for Life) charity wine-tasting event for around 400 people.

<p>The initiative aims to raise 25,000 euros to fund the first year of a PhD student at IRB Barcelona (L.T. Barone, IRB Barcelona)</p>
16 Nov 2016

Today the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) has launched a fundraising campaign called

Public engagement media mentions

19 Oct 2016

Roadmap towards excellence

El Mundo

In the "II Foro Universitario de Unidad Editorial", held in Madrid, Joan Guinovart explained what, in his opinion, are the basic requirements to make progress in technology transfer in Spain.

19 Oct 2016

A fly for science

La Voz de Galicia

In its supplement directed at schools, La Voz de Galicia published an article on the usefulness of the fly Drosophila melanogaster for biomedical research.

The article explains scientific breakthroughs made thanks to this fly and, among other examples, mentions the most recent study published by IRB Barcelona.


14 Oct 2016

Joan Guinovart: "Death is a technical error"

TV3 - Els Matins

On Friday, the director of IRB Barcelona participated in the chat show Els Matins de TV3, where he talked about unlimited life, medical breakthroughs, and where violence stems from.

Crazy about biomedicine


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