Colorectal Cancer Laboratory news

<p>Tumour heterogeneity: cancer stem cells (green) and differentiated cells (in red). IRB Barcelona.</p>
12 May 2020

The Colorectal Cancer Lab at IRB Barcelona identifies the capacity to synthesize proteins (or biosynthetic capacity) as a key property for the regenerative potential of colon cancer cells.

Published in Cell Stem Cell, the study proposes a new therapeutic focus for the scientific community and the pharmaceutical industry to explore.

<p>Eduard Batlle, head of the Colorectal Cancer Laboratory at IRB Barcelona</p>
1 Apr 2020

Several media channels have reported on the award of European Research Council funding to various projects being undertaken in Catalonia. Among these projects is that of Eduard Batlle, head of the Colorectal cancer Lab at IRB Barcelona. His research will focus on the hidden cells of the primary tumour that begin to spread before surgical intervention and that can remain undetectable for months or years until they seed a new tumour.

Batlle will study the distinct mechanisms through which these cells evade the immune system and invade another organ.

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<p>Eduard Batlle, head of the Colorectal Cancer Laboratory at IRB Barcelona</p>
31 Mar 2020

The ICREA researcher at IRB Barcelona obtains €2.5 M to identify residual cells that cause relapse after treatment.

This is the fifth ERC grant awarded to Eduard Batlle, and the 20th at IRB Barcelona.

4 Mar 2020

Headed by Eduard Batlle, the project will allow researchers to study the complexity and heterogeneity of cancer using culturable mini-cancers, also known as organoids, derived from patients.

The international ACCELERATOR call funds projects that allow research results to reach cancer patients faster.

<p>The ICREA  researcher and head of Colorectal Cancer Lab.</p>
13 Jan 2020

La Razón has published an article about a study addressing the involvement of fibroblasts in colon cancer being carried out by "La Caixa" and the Colorectal Cancer Lab, headed by Eduard Batlle, ICREA researcher at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona). 

Colon cancer is one of the most frequent types of cancer, and although treatment cures this disease for most patients, a large percentage develop metastases in vital organs.  In this regard, immunotherapy is not effective for this kind of cancer, benefiting only 5% of patients. This is because the colon cancer cells develop a mechanism through which to evade the immune system. “Understanding the...

<p>Carme Cortina, researcher at IRB Barcelona</p>
7 Nov 2019

Cinc dies a...” broadcasted by La2 has devoted a programme to the day to day lives of all those who work at the Barcelona Science Park, ranging from researchers to admin staff and other service staff. Several members of the IRB Barcelona community participated in the programme. Lara Barrio, a researcher with the Growth Control and Development Lab, showed how studying the vinegar fly Drosophila can help us to understand human diseases. In the Colorectal Cancer Lab, the scientists Elena Sancho and Carme Cortina explained their research into colon cancer and metastasis. In addition, Silvia Frutos, Alumna of IRB Barcelona, commented on how she founded her company...

<p>Photos of the presentation ceremony of the awards given by the Fundació La Marató</p>
31 Oct 2019

The foundation will be funding 43 cancer research projects.

<p>”la Caixa” Fellowship award ceremony</p>
20 Sep 2019

On 16 September, the ”la Caixa” Foundation presented the 79 grants for national and international research and innovation projects of excellence—among these four projects from the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona).

Among the beneficiaries of funding from ”la Caixa”, IRB Barcelona researchers Eduard Batlle and Raúl Méndez obtained two grants from the call for research projects in biomedicine and health, Meritxel Teixidó received a grant from the CaixaImpulse Programme, and Enrique Marcos was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship.

Characterised by a central theme “Questions for the future”,...

<p>Press conference at IRB Barcelona, presenting the #MetastasisChallenge</p>
19 Mar 2019

Catalunya Ràdio, El Punt Avui, Expansión Catalunya, Europa Press, EFE, among other media, have published an article about the launch of the #MetastasisChallenge campaign. Through this initiative, the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) calls society to action to support research into metastasis—the main cause of death from cancer—by raising €5 M over the next four years.

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<p>Press conference at IRB Barcelona, presenting the #MetastasisChallenge</p>
19 Mar 2019

Through the campaign called #MetastasisChallenge, the centre aims to raise €5 M over the next four years.

Metastasis is responsible for 90% of deaths from cancer, and this campaign aims to rally social support for research in order to speed up discoveries.