The Cell and Developmental Biology programme offers unique opportunities for reciprocal and collaborative interactions in cutting-edge biomedical research. Through strong relationships between researchers working in cell and/or developmental biology fields and by building bridges with those in other programmes, a very interactive and highly productive environment has been developed.

The research groups that belong to this programme address questions comprising pure cell biology issues, such as how the subcellular machinery of the cells is organized and functions, how cells are organized in time and space, and how multicellular organisms develop from a single cell. The research groups also focus on how alterations in the studied processes underlie pathological conditions.

Concrete themes include the following: cell communication, cell migration, and specification of compartment boundaries during development; cell division mechanisms in development and disease, and the epigenetic regulation of chromatin structure and function.


  • Cell migration and communication
  • Specification of compartment boundaries
  • Molecular mechanisms of cell division and implications in development and disease
  • Chromatin structure and epigenetic regulation