Licensing Opportunities

BIOMEDTEC - A novel incubator platform for in-house early stage projects
This new projects supports Proof-of-Concept development for in-house early-stage projects covering different therapeutic areas.




RNRBiotics - Novel class of antibiotic molecules active against bacterial biofilms
A novel library of small molecules has been shown to exert antibacterial activity against several of the most common pathogenic species, such as S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, B. anthracis, among others, even when biofilm is already formed.




GATE2BRAIN - A novel platform of blood-brain barrier shuttles
Gate2Brain technology consists of peptide shuttles able to carry therapeutic cargoes across the BBB which cannot otherwise cross unaided.




MAXPHOX - A novel cost saving catalysts for asymmetric hydrogenation
New series of ligands capable of increasing the enantiomeric excess of certain asymmetric hydrogenation reactions up to a 99%ee (enantiomeric excess), using both low H2 pressure and temperature.




MV5 – anti-OmpA molecules to fight multidrug-resistant Gram (-) bacterial infections
A consortium between several research groups has developed a new class of anti-infective against A. baumannii, P. aeruginosa and E.coli (the most relevant Gram-negative bacteria in healthcare-associated infections).