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Biomedical research helps improve the quality of our lives. Help our young scientists to begin working today so that they can make the discoveries of tomorrow.

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This amount will allow a young scientist to start his or her career at IRB Barcelona.

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The pathway to discovery

Children are inherently curious, eager to learn about the world around us, passionate about discovery, imaginative and creative. If we nurture these traits in our kids, many end up choosing science as a career.

IRB Barcelona offers inquisitive young scientists an ideal environment where they can feed their talent for science, under the guidance and mentorship of renowned researchers. They have access to scientific activities and services of the highest calibre, and the opportunity to collaborate with researchers from around the world.

Young researchers at IRB Barcelona embark on their careers with passion, dedication, hard work and perserverance to understand diseases such as cancer and metastasis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and rare disorders.

Please give our young researchers a chance begin their careers, to start working today to make the discoveries of tomorrow.

Make your donation today, for the FUTURE.

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IRB Barcelona thanks all the people and organizations who have participated in this campaign. Reaching our goal will only be possible with your help.

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IRB Barcelona is a world-class research centre devoted to answering fundamental questions about human health and disease. At IRB Barcelona, more than 400 researchers and staff from 35 countries work toward a common goal of improving the quality of our lives through biomedical research at the highest level.

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