A MuG of genomics

Multiscale Complex Genomics (MuG), a European project headed by Modesto Orozco, held back-to-back workshops on the “Multi-scale study of 3D chromatin structure” in November and December. The first took place in the context of the Barcelona Biomed Conference “Multidimensional Genomics: The 3D/4D organization of chromatin”, hosted in november by IRB Barcelona, and supported by BBVA Foundation. This conference gathered together more than 150 experts in the field. The second workshop was held a month later at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

MuG seeks to serve as a hub for the community of researchers working in 3D and 4D genomics, providing its members with  access to programmes, tools, data, infrastructure and advice. To facilitate collaborative work, MuG has developed the Virtual Research Environment (VRE), which integrates a range of data from genome annotation to 3D folding and DNA flexibility. The workshops seek to teach scientists about the VRE and train them how to use its multi-scale features.

See the video to learn more about Multi-scale complex Genomics (MuG) - Exploring the Genome Beyond Sequence.