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Recent years have seen a paradigm shift in our understanding of gene activity and regulation. It is now clear that processing of primary transcripts as well as translational control open a myriad of opportunities for gene regulation, which are extensively used in virtually every human gene.

<p>Angel R Nebreda</p>

The Signalling and Cell Cycle Laboratory focuses on studying the basic mechanisms of cell regulation, especially regarding how external signals are interpreted by cells to modulate cell proliferation, differentiation and survival. Our research centers on two main subjects:


Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the most frequent and the second-most deadly type of cancer with around 700,000 deaths worldwide.

<p>Antonio Zorzano, head of the Complex Metabolic Diseases and Mitochondria Lab</p>

Age-related metabolic diseases have increased to epidemic proportions in all industrialized countries.

Nou front d'atac en la investigació de l'Atàxia de Friedreich

L'IRB Barcelona inicia un projecte amb l'objectiu a llarg termini d’oferir un tractament injectable per administrar frataxina al cervell.

La frataxina és la proteïna que tenen reduïda els afectats per aquesta malaltia rara i neurodegenerativa, avui sense cura.

Les associacions de pacients Babel Family i ASOGAF de Granada aporten els fons necessaris durant un any i mig.