What they say about us

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

«The Barcelona BioMed Conferences series provide an inspiring forum to discuss great science from a range of fields – in a spectacular setting. The conferences break down traditional boundaries of scientific fields and bring different players together for a new perspective. A great opportunity, especially for younger researchers. Definitely keep an eye on this series.»

Research Associate

«98% of the potential therapeutic molecules against diseases of the central nervous system cannot cross the blood-brain barrier. We develop peptides with the capacity to open the doors of the barrier and act as shuttles when attached to a therapeutic molecule.»

IRB Barcelona Alumni member

«We suspected that CPEB1, a protein involved in regulating mRNA translation in the cytoplasm, might also be active in the nucleus and play a role in controlling pre-mRNA processing. We discovered that it affects the alternative generation in the mature mRNA of the 3'-UTR, regions where most of the elements regulating translation in time and space are located.»

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PhD Student

«I discovered that the bantam molecule drives the transition from larva to pupa, the phase analogous to human adolescence.»

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Alumni - Research Associate

«Controlling a biological process from outside is the future of chemistry and opens up promising roads for advancements in pharmacological research.»

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Group Leader

«We need to look at the soil, not at the seed. TGF-beta is the fertiliser that changes the earth in which the tumour seed grows.»

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Postdoctoral Fellow

«Our study highlights the complexity of p38 functions, both in cancer and in the maintenance of normal tissues. It shows why an inhibitor of this molecule could effectively have undesirable side effects. But these do not exclude it from being a target against cancer.»

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Postdoctoral Fellow

«One of my goals when choosing IRB Barcelona was also to gain experience in tech transfer. I have ideas. And I want to learn how to convert them into a business.»

Vi per Vida

«When I was a child, I lost my father to lung cancer metastasis. I have always wanted to do something to remember him.»

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«The gap that my sister left in our lives will never be filled, but it comforts us to know that we have contributed with an idea, with a small gesture, towards a world with less suffering.»

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