AECC funds an IRB Barcelona cancer research project through the "Carmen Lavigne" Prize

The work in colon cancer by Dr. Enza Lonardo has been selected through an open competition and external evaluation following the quality standards of the Spanish Cancer Association (ACCC).

This study seeks to find a way to slow down the development of the disease and unravel the metastatic mechanism.

Each year the “Carmen Lavigne Hinojosa” Award for Research dedicates 60,000 euros to cancer research projects of excellence performed in Spain.

The colon cancer research project undertaken by Dr. Enza Lonardo in the Colorectal Cancer Lab at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) has been awarded the “Carmen Lavigne Hinojosa” Award for Research. Presented yearly by the Provincial Board of the AECC (Spanish Cancer Association) in Málaga, the award has a value of 60,000 euros. This project has been selected through an open competition and with external evaluation following the quality standards of the “Fundación Científica de la Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer”.

Between 40 and 50% of colon cancer patients relapse in the form of metastases, with tumours that appear mainly in the liver and lung. The research by Dr. Lonardo seeks to unravel the molecular mechanisms that influence the development of metastases, in order to allow early diagnosis and design new therapeutic approaches to treat the disease in its different stages.

The “Carmen Lavigne Hinojosa” Award

This award is supported by the Lavigne Hinojosa family and provides 60,000 euros of funding per year to cancer research projects. It aims to recognise the best work in cancer in Spain and to contribute to promoting research into a disease that affects 1.5 million people in Spain and that registers 220,000 new cases each year.

According to Enza Lonardo, "researchers devote many hours to unravelling the underlying causes of cancer and its development with the aim to identify new approaches to treat the disease. Although it is a difficult task, we progress daily. We are extremely grateful to the Lavigne Hinojosa family and all members of the public who believe in our work and support our efforts, because initiatives like the “Carmen Lavigne Hinojosa” Award are a valuable contribution and help us to step up our discoveries."

To date, having awarded 32 million euros to 167 open projects in 46 reference centres since 2010, the AECC is the charity organisation that devotes most resources to cancer research.