Scientific news
<p>Eduard Batlle</p>
12 Nov 2012

The study, published in the prestigious journal Cancer Cell, reveals that tumour cells of the colon must form alliances with healthy cells in order to colonize other organs during metastasis.

The presence of TGF-beta in the tumour’s microenvironment forces healthy cells to produce interleukin-11 (IL-11), a protein that alters the genetic programme of the tumour cells and helps them to survive during metastasis.

This discovery opens the doors to substantial improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with colon cancer.

Institutional news
12 Nov 2012

150 leading experts on normal and cancer stem cells gather in Barcelona to discuss their latest breakthroughs in this area and outline strategies for the future.

The biggest challenge in designing new cancer therapies lies in successfully identifying and targeting tumour stem cells, which are responsible for the regrowth of the tumour.

Institutional news
<p>Joan Massagué (c) IRB Barcelona</p>
6 Nov 2012

The jury recognizes IRB Barcelona’s adjunct director for his institutional leadership, scientific rigour, and work ethic

Institutional news
5 Nov 2012

The laboratory of Eduard Batlle, in collaboration with the Group of Azucena Salas at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, will explore the therapeutic potencial of intestinal stem cells.

Scientific news
15 Oct 2012

The analysis of the epigenome of more than 100 patients identifies the cells that give rise to the disease, opening avenues to improved diagnosis

The study reveals more than one million epigenetic alterations, an unexpected finding indicating that cancer cells undergo extensive epigenetic reprogramming.

Institutional news
9 Oct 2012

Start-up of a 5-year European project that seeks to tackle the challenge of developing a type of oral medicine that can pass through the digestive tract intact.

If successful, the TRANS-INT consortium will contribute to improving the treatment of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, and pain.

The researcher Ernest Giralt, an expert in the design of peptides and proteins with the capacity to cross biological barriers, forms part of a macro-consortium that involves 17 institutions in Europe.

Institutional news
2 Oct 2012

Twenty-four students in their first year of baccalaureate are selected to participate in a course that will allow them to deepen their knowledge of life sciences.

Institutional news
27 Sep 2012

More than 40 scientists from 11 centres bear out the strength of the science performed with the fruit fly in Spain

Institutional news
<p>Dr. Guinovart, IRB Barcelona director</p>
21 Sep 2012

From this international platform, Guinovart will work “to further scientists and science, especially in those places of the world with the most unfavorable conditions”.

Institutional news
19 Sep 2012

The institute signs a 5-year scientific collaboration agreement with the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology in Japan