Scientific news
19 Apr 2013

• This is the first study that studies and quantifies 1,600 known adverse effects of drugs currently on the market.

• The scientists Miquel Duran and Patrick Aloy provide a description of the molecular processes responsible for more than 1,000 secondary effects.

• This knowledge, which is available to the scientific community, may be of great use to minimize and predict adverse effects during drug design.

Institutional news
17 Apr 2013

The annual Werfen-Izasa-Beckman prize awarded by the Spanish Biophysics Society (acronym SBE in Spanish) in recognition of work on biophysics done by scientists under 40 in Spain has fallen on the ICREA researcher Xavier Salvatella, at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona). Salvatella will receive his award during the XIII SBE Congress in Valencia in June. Founded in 1987, the SBE seeks to promote the development of biophysics in Spain and to boost investigation and education in this field.

The 2013 prize has been granted...

Institutional news
12 Apr 2013

Thanks to the support from Generalitat de Catalunya and Obra Social “la Caixa”, the IRB Barcelona launches CancerTec, an initiative to identify and develop in a continuous and dynamic manner cancer projects identified as having potential economic impact.

Through its first call, CancerTec is funding four projects with possibilities of their results being transferred to industry in the form of new diagnostic tools and more efficient and innovative cancer treatments.

Institutional news
<p>Berga Knowledge Fair 2013</p>
11 Apr 2013

The Genomic Instability and Cancer Laboratory participates in the 3rd Knowledge Fair of Berga, an event promoted by the UPC and the UB and supported by the Berga Town Council and the Ministry of Education.

Scientific news
<p>Diagram of the protein unfolding in presence of urea. Author: M Candotti © IRB Barcelona</p>
26 Mar 2013

IRB Barcelona scientists pave the way towards describing the conformation of proteins that do not have a defined structure

Structural and theoretical techniques are combined to develop new methodologies for the analysis of proteins

Scientific news
<p>Binding of protein LC8 (yellow and orange) with a fragment of phoshorylated Nek 9, active form, (right) and non-phoshorylated form, inactive (left).</p>
25 Mar 2013

Joan Roig’s team collect three-dimensional information of protein complexes involved in cell division.

Scientific news
25 Mar 2013

Collaboration between researchers at the Institut de Biotecnologia i de Biomedicina (IBB) of the “Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona”, the Institute for Biocomputation and Physics of Complex Systems in Zaragoza, and IRB Barcelona has led to the publication of the first scientific paper on data collected from the BL13-XALOC beamline of the Alba Synchrotron, located in Cerdanyola de Vallès, a facility that which allows scientists to obtain 3D structures of macromolecular complexes.

The team at IRB Barcelona headed by the research associate Joan Roig, who works...

Institutional news
19 Mar 2013

University students interested in spending the summer in a lab at IRB Barcelona are invited to send their applications to participate in the programme “Spend the summer at the Park!”, organized by Barcelona Science Park (PCB). The deadline is April 19.

The aim of the programme is to bring the world of research closer to university students through their participation in projects being carried on in the labs. IRB Barcelona, located at the PCB, is actively engaged in the programme and has already trained 50 students in the last five years. The...

Institutional news
14 Mar 2013

150 international researchers specialized in organelles associated with cell transport and mobility and related diseases are brought together in Barcelona by IRB Barcelona and the BBVA Foundation.

Scientific news
<p>bantam mutant animals (right) show reduced body size as a result of abnormally high steroid hormone levels. © M. Milán lab, IRB Barcelona. Author: Laura Boulan</p>
7 Mar 2013

• The study, published in Current Biology, links growth to sexual maturity.

• Scientists at IRB Barcelona identify a micro-RNA key to insulin’s regulation of steroid hormones in flies.