Scientific news
6 Jun 2011

Using state-of-the-art technology, they seek to unraveled the genome of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and give new key insights into the disease.

The study, which is a scientific milestone in this country, identifies four genes whose mutation causes this kind of leukemia.

Institutional news
<p>Antonio Zorzano at IRB Barcelona</p>
4 May 2011

In an act held last April during the XXII National Congress of the Spanish Society of Diabetes (SED) Antonio Zorzano, coordinator of the Molecular Medicine Programme at IRB Barcelona was awarded the IV “Alberto Sols Senior Investigator Award for Basic Research”. Presented by Bernat Soria, ex-president of the SED and ex-minister of Health, this award is in recognition of Zorzano’s career dedicated to the study of the causes of diabetes.

In 1991, Zorzano was one of the youngest Senior Professors in Spain in the...

Institutional news
<p>Modesto Orozco at IRB Barcelona</p>
3 May 2011

The agreements drawn up by IRB Barcelona with various I+D programmes aim to strengthen technology transfer in order to benefit society.

Institutional news
29 Apr 2011

Researchers at IRB Barcelona are to collaborate with international institutes to study the genetic code that determines cancer cell activity.

Institutional news
15 Apr 2011

IRB Barcelona and the BSC show their commitment to computational biology by renewing the Joint IRB-BSC Programme, which also doubles in the number of researchers involved.

The programme aims to position itself as an international leader in computational biology.

Scientific news
<p>Initial Aß40 molecules dissociate and reassociate through both ends of the fibrils faster than the Aß42 molecules (Initial molecules: grey circles. recycled molecules: orange circles).</p>
13 Apr 2011

The discovery provides intriguing new clues as to the cause of the disease and may lead to the development of novel therapeutic strategies.

Institutional news
5 Apr 2011

From today until Thursday 7th April, the “Live Research” Fair is on in the city. Organised by the Barcelona Science Park in collaboration with the Social Programme of the CatalunyaCaixa, this event allows the public to get close to the cutting edge research performed in Barcelona. Over these three days, scientists working at IRB Barcelona uproot and move their test tubes to the emblematic building known as “La Pedrera”, where they will talk to visitors and show them some of the experiments done every day in their labs.

The researchers Ana Igea and Lorena Ramírez, who are with IRB Barcelona’s Signalling and Cycle Lab, headed by Ángel Nebreda, will give a talk-workshop on the...

Scientific news
30 Mar 2011

New research by the team of Cayetano González, ICREA research professor at IRB Barcelona, has shown that centrosomes, cell components that play a critical role in cell division, are not randomly distributed between daughter cells when stem cells divide, but follow a specific pattern. Their work, published in Nature Communications, sheds new light on our understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms that govern stem cell division and on the understanding of some human diseases such as cancer.

Stem cells are non-differentiated cells that, through a process of asymmetric cell division, produce two completely different cells: a stem cell that is identical to the original...

Scientific news
<p>Intestinal epithelium with tumour stem cells marked in brown.</p>
18 Mar 2011

Scientists at IRB Barcelona report new data in support of link between stem cells and cancer, opening door to new tools for diagnosis and treatment.

Institutional news
<p>Mitochondrial autophagy in skeletal muscle</p>
17 Mar 2011

Scientists from around the world come together in Barcelona to discuss cell renewal, a process tightly linked to ageing and neurodegenerative and cardiovascular disease.