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12 Mar 2018

A peer review involves the evaluation of someone’s professional performance or quality of work by experts in the same field. It’s commonly used in science as way to maintain standards, improve performance, and provide credibility. In line with its commitment to continuous improvement, IRB Barcelona has recently extended this good practice to its Administration team.

For the first time, the departments that make up the Administration team have been appraised by an Evaluation Panel of five administration experts from leading centres across Europe, Israel and in the US. The Panel was formed by Shulamit Geri (Vice President for Administration & Finance, Weizmann Institute of...

12 Mar 2018

Postdoc Daniele Tauriello (Oss, Netherlands; 1981) is the first author of a recent scientific breakthrough at IRB Barcelona: the key role of TGFβ in hiding colorectal tumours from the immune system. In this interview he tells us about the work behind this study, led by Eduard Batlle and done in collaboration with Antoni Riera’s lab and Camille Stephan-Otto Attolini’s unit, that has just been published in Nature.

The road to this discovery has been long and hard at times. It has taken more than four years for the team to generate the right mouse models, performing more than 15 generations of crossings, adding mutations one by one to achieve models with very aggressive (and...

31 Jan 2018

Tech transfer is an attitude, a main feature that should be present at all stages of a research project, from the initial idea to the result, passing through the writing of the proposal, the design of the experiments and the development of the project. Tech transfer is what ensures that knowledge generated by scientists has an impact on society. This is precisely why it is important to inspire researchers in tech transfer from the start of their careers, since the relevance of innovative potential is gaining ground during the stage of project evaluation.

With this in mind, IRB Barcelona has launched the Young BiomedTec initiative, a scheme, with the support of “la Caixa”...

31 Jan 2018

Doing scientific experiments day-in-day out requires concentration, dedication and patience. Some days you’ll make a discovery, but most days you won’t. Most scientists would agree that they spend most of their waking hours thinking in some way or another about their research. But they would probably also agree that the best ideas often come to them when they are not.

Last July, a group of IRB Barcelona researchers were invited to take part in a special television programme focussing on dance, produced for a local Catalan network. The goal of the exercise was to explore dance as a form of ‘escape’, to break from the daily structured, protocolled and analytical work of science… and...

31 Jan 2018

Multiscale Complex Genomics (MuG), a European project headed by Modesto Orozco, held back-to-back workshops on the “Multi-scale study of 3D chromatin structure” in November and December. The first took place in the context of the Barcelona Biomed Conference “Multidimensional Genomics: The 3D/4D organization of chromatin”, hosted in november by IRB Barcelona, and supported by BBVA Foundation. This conference gathered together more than 150 experts in the field. The second workshop was held a month later at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

MuG seeks to serve as a hub for the community of researchers working in 3D and 4D genomics, providing its members with  access to programmes...

31 Jan 2018

From 27 to 29 November, EMBL and IRB Barcelona, with the support of the BBVA Foundation, brought together international experts in the fields of developmental biology and tissue engineering to share knowledge and discuss morphogenetic engineering. James Sharpe (Head of EMBL Barcelona) and Marco Milán (ICREA Research Professor and Group Leader of IRB Barcelona’s Development and Growth Control Laboratory) talk about the importance of this Barcelona BioMed Conference and the latest breakthroughs in the field.


  • What do you understand by “Morphogenetic engineering”?

James Sharpe: We chose to call this meeting "Morphogenetic engineering” to reflect the...

31 Jan 2018

By Richard Gillingwater, Brand Consultant – Richard was invited to IRB Barcelona to give a talk on The Art and Science of Engagement on 11 December.

We all need to communicate - to share our ideas, work and dreams in order to gain support or persuade others in some way.  You may be leading a team and want people to be aligned around a common goal, or speaking at a conference and looking to make new connections. Or you may simply want to...

<p>Antonio Fumero, Joan J Guinovart and Cesar Ullastres. Image: IRB Barcelona</p>
31 Jan 2018

There are many ways to support research. Antonio Fumero and César Ullastres consider the science done at IRB Barcelona to be vital and have therefore decided to give the rights of their book “The dark side of innovation”(“El lado oscuro de la innovación”) to fund our research activities.

On 16 January, IRB Barcelona hosted the launch of the book with a round table discussion involving Joan J Guinovart, director of IRB Barcelona, Antonio Fumero and César Ullastres, the authors of the book, Mateo Valero, director of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, and Carlos Buesa, director general of Oryzon, one of the companies featured in the book.

“The dark side of innovation” seeks...

<p>Roger Gomis, head of the Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis Lab and founder of Inbiomotion, a spin-off of IRB Barcelona and ICREA.</p>
31 Oct 2017

ICREA researcher Roger Gomis, head of the Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis Lab, has recently been awarded a 2016 "Knowledge Industry Grant" (Producte), by the Catalan Government’s Agency for Management of University and Research Grants, for the further development of a therapy for the treatment of breast cancer. His 18-month project, "Lipid targeting in breast cancer", aims to obtain a monoclonal antibody, based on a well-defined molecular target, that is suitable for patient treatment and to complete its pre-clinical development phase. 

<p>Francisco Lozano at the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization in Lyon (France).</p>
31 Oct 2017

Many moons have passed since 2006 when Francisco Lozano (b. Madrid, 1968, better known as Curro) moved to a recently launched IRB Barcelona to head the Information Technology Services. Thanks to Curro and his team's contributions over eleven years, IRB Barcelona now boasts developed IT strategies and state-of-the-art, competitive technologies and clusters. He has recently embarked on his next career move: the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization in Lyon (France) has hired him as their Head of Information Technology Services.