IRB Barcelona projects on obesity and diabetes driven by ‘La Marató’

<p>"La Marató" (telethon) has awarded two IRB Barcelona research projects in diabetes and obesity</p>

Catalonia's public television channel, TV3, has broadcasted various video abstracts that give scientists the opportunity to explain their research funded by the telethon (La Marató) run by the Catalan TV channel in 2015.

Two IRB Barcelona projects devoted to furthering knowledge of the causes, treatments, prevention and cure of diabetes and obesity are among the 34 awarded by this campaign in 2015.

Antonio Zorzano, coordinator of the Molecular Medicine Programme and leader of the Complex Mtabolic Diseases and Mitochondria Lab, explains his study entitled "Mechanisms responsible for the deficient differentiation capacity of adipose tissue-derived stem cells in obesity".

Joan J. Guinovart, group leader of the Metabolic Engineering and Diabetes Therapy Lab, talks about his project "Liver glycogen, a novel target to treat diabetes and obesity".

View the videos (in Catalan)