Launch of the 6th edition of IRB Barcelona’s "Crazy About Biomedicine" Programme

Launch of "Crazy ABout Science". Image: Fundación Catalunya - La Pedrera

Launch of "Crazy ABout Science". Image: Fundación Catalunya - La Pedrera

The programme seeks to stir young people’s interest in science by allowing them to get involved in real projects.

"Crazy About Biomedicine" is part of an initiative run by the Fundación Catalunya - La Pedrera.

For the sixth consecutive year, IRB Barcelona has organised the "Crazy About Biomedicine" (CAB) Programme, which brings together 24 participants (19 girls and 5 boys), selected from baccalaureate students from schools around Catalonia. Over a year, these young people will be able to delve into science by participating in real research projects. Officially launched last Friday at Món Sant Benet, this programme is part of the "Crazy About Science" initiative run by the Fundación Catalunya - La Pedrera.

The CAB provides students with the opportunity to participate in workshops and practical sessions, in which their tutors, IRB Barcelona researchers, train them in advanced methods so that they can carry out their own experiments.

"I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the "Crazy About Biomedicine” Programme because I am passionate about biomedicine and it will give me the chance to work in teams, make friends and practice in laboratories—something we can’t do at school," said Cristina Riquelme, CAB 2018 participant.

In the opening event, the 227 students from schools around Catalonia who were selected to participate in one of the nine courses included in the "Crazy About Science" Programme were presented.

Inspired by the success of the first “Crazy about Biomedicine” Programme promoted in 2013 by Joan J. Guinovart, director of IRB Barcelona, the Fundación Catalunya - La Pedrera increased the number of disciplines under the umbrella of the "Crazy About Science" Programme.


About "Crazy About Biomedicine"

The CAB involves theoretical sessions (lectures) and practical sessions (experimental activities) that are held every Saturday over a year. The programme covers current scientific topics that include cell and molecular biology, structural and computational biology, and medical chemistry, among others.
Furthermore, students have the opportunity to carry out their school science project under the tutelage of an IRB Barcelona researcher, with whom they work on the planning, design and execution of the experiment and learn about the importance of the scientific method to develop rigorous research.