Scientific News

10 Dec 2010

The protein DOR controls the maturation of adult flies depending on availability of nutrients

<p>Representation of the "filters" used in the computational strategy developed by the researchers</p>
29 Nov 2010

Scientists at IRB Barcelona develop a computational strategy to identify potential protein interaction partners regulated by Aurora A kinase.

<p>Image of a tumour cells with multiple copies of the Her2 gene shown in red. © IRB Barcelona. R. Gomis</p>
24 Nov 2010

Scientists at IRB Barcelona have provided new data on how certain types of aggressive breast cancer bypass tumour suppression mechanisms.

17 Nov 2010

In collaboration with the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), IRB Barcelona will be participating in Science Week, the largest public communications event on science and technology in Spain, which this year reached its 15th series. Coordinated by the “Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca i la Innovació” (FCRI), the programme of activities will be held from 12 to 22 November.

The activities include open days on 16 and 18 November. Entitled “Come and do an express PhD”, through a series of clues visitors will analyse the differences between malignant and benign tumour cells. In this regard, they will visit Eduard Batlle’s lab, the Advanced Digital Microscopy Platform and the “Centro...

11 Nov 2010

The new data base, which includes 1,700 proteins in motion, allows a more efficient design of drugs.

MoDEL holds 30% of human therapeutic targets and the objective is to cover 80% in three years.

<p>On the right side we can see aberrant fly and mitochondria when SLIMP is silenced.</p>
2 Nov 2010

This finding has brought them the “Paper of the week” of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, one of the journals of greatest impact in basic biology.

Called SLIMP, the protein is required for mitochondria maintenance, the cellular powerhouses.

<p>The new mechanism has been found in the imaginal disk that will lead to the Drosophila wing, represented in this picture.</p>
24 Sep 2010

In the journal Science Signaling, Andreu Casali describes a sophisticated mechanism related to the protein Hedgehog.

<p>Structure of the UL89  protein, which could be a valid target against all Herpesviridae (c) Lab Miquel Coll.</p>
23 Sep 2010

Researchers at IRB Barcelona have discovered this with the human cytomegalovirus, the most deadly and widespread herpesvirus and the cause of serious defects in neonates.

21 Sep 2010

The prediction of the structure and function of biological macromolecules (i.e., the machinery of life) is of foremost importance in the field of structural biology.

<p>Although these two types of fibers are formed by the same protein, the ones above are toxic and the ones below are not.</p>
20 Sep 2010

A study performed by Xavier Salvatella’s lab indicates that the toxicity of amyloid aggregates depends on their structural properties.