Noticias Científicas

<p>Graphic about the different responses of mitochondrial gens of young obese subjects with or without diabetes during physical exercise</p>
10 Mar 2010

A genetic variation in mitochondria, the energy-producing machinery of cells, prevents young obese subjects with diabetes type 2 to respond to physical exercise.

<p>A tube-cell image. In red, the tube. in blue, the cell nuclei. in green, cell shape.  (electron microscopy). © IRB Barcelona. J. Casanova</p>
8 Feb 2010

Scientists at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) and CSIC report on the formation of the small-diameter respiratory tubes of the fly Drosophila, a process that resembles the development of the finest blood vessels, the capillaries, in mammals.

<p>Researchers discovered the role of DOR (red) when they found it co-localizing with LC3, the common autophagosome marker. In blue, cells nuclei. Image: 3D simulation. A. Zorzano Lab © IRB Barcelona.</p>
18 Jan 2010

EMBO Reports selects a study by researchers at IRB Barcelona as the highlighted article of the week because of the relevance of autophagy in health.

<p>G-protein fragment that adopts a range of structures depending on the partner.</p>
12 Jan 2010

The multiple conformations of G-protein offer new possibilities to develop specific drugs.

<p>The green fluorescent protein is produced by a system designed by researchers at IRB Barcelona and its expression demonstrates that the technique works correctly in human cells and other animal cells. © Image: Roberto Álvarez-Medina (CSIC)</p>
17 Dec 2009

Scientists will use it to analyse the stress responses used by cells to solve genomic errors, and also to identify targets of therapeutic interest.

30 Oct 2009

Researchers at IRB Barcelona describe a new mechanism that allows the segregation of nuclear and mitochondrial genetic codes in Trypanosoma.

<p>Two wings of Drosophila. While the smaller corresponds to the wild type version (non modified), the bigger one corresponds to a wing in which the Wingless pathway is hyperactivated.</p>
6 Oct 2009

The study provides further insight into how cells divide to form the wing during the embryonic development of the fly Drosophila.

2 Oct 2009

Researchers at IRB Barcelona publish a review article in Physiological Reviews about the changes in the shape and movements of mitochondria, and the human diseases associated with defects in these processes. This review establishes a new interface between cell biology and pathology.

<p>A section of a Drosophila embryo with somatic cells (red) and germinal cells (green). The left image shows a healthy context while the right shows cells affected by failure of the protection mechanism. Image: Jordi Casanova, IRB Barcelona</p>
3 Aug 2009

An IRB Barcelona research team discovers the mechanism that favours the correct separation of germ cells –future ovules and sperm-, from the rest of the cells during embryonic development.

22 Jul 2009

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