The art of crystallography, interview with Miquel Coll

Prof. Miquel Coll, structural biologist and programme coordinator at IRB Barcelona, is interviewed about the art of crystallography on the science radio programme "Principio de Incertidumbre" on Canal Extremadura, to mark the international year of crystallography.

The 30-minute interview goes into the basic concepts behind organic molecules, proteins and nucleic acids, and the importance of their atomic composition to reveal 3D structures and the later design of pharmaceutical agents. Coll explains the ins and outs of crystallography, the most widely used techniques to attain 3D structures, and the applications of synchrotrons.

The interview has come about as a result of an article by Miquel Coll recently published in Cell on a critical molecule for plant growth and development.

Listen to the interview on “Principio de Incertidumbre” (30 minutes)

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