University: four challenges for the future

The October issue of the magazine El Temps lays out the four future challenges facing universities in Catalonia. Joan J. Guinovart, director of IRB Barcelona, was consulted about transfer and funding issues.

Among his opinions, Guinovart upholds that "if we want to reach the level of research of the US or England, we certainly have to ask for more public funding, but we also have to be aware that philanthropists, donors and private resources make all the difference "(....)"In the US, people feel that they have a moral duty to return the fruits of their success to society in the form of donations to their universities, to the hospitals in which they or their relatives have been treated, to research centres that investigate diseases that affect them....Here we have to work on this sentiment to turn it into something that can be considered normal".

Read the whole report here: Universitat: quatre reptes de futur (In Catalan)