Primary school students

Primary school students

IRB Barcelona aims to engage school kids in our outreach activities in order to foster theirinterest and passion for science, as well as help them on the road to choosing a career inscience and technology. Some of these educational initiatives include bringing primaryschool students into our research laboratories to let them experience science firsthand, or connecting our researchers with primary schools in order to usebiomedicine to design the classroom curriculum, improve academic results, andstrengthen social cohesion. 

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Through this innovative educational project, IRB Barcelona works together with a local primary school to use biomedicine to design the teaching programme for students from first year to sixth year, across the full range of subjects. The purpose of this programme is not only to boost academic results and promote the standing of the school, but also to encourage community and social cohesion. Part of the Escoles Tàndem Programme, this initiative receives guidance, follow-up and funding from the Fundació Catalunya – La Pedrera, with the support of the Department of Education of the Catalan Government.

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A biweekly research activity that brings science closer to primary school students through guided tours and active participation in experiments.