Secondary school students

Secondary school students

One of IRB Barcelona's goals is to identify and promote the development of promising young talents not only at early stages but also later on during their academic studies, in order to encourage their enthusiasm for pursuing careers in science. Secondary school students can participate in a range of workshops and hands-on sessions that will bring them into research laboratories. IRB Barcelona scientists serve as mentors and provide training on the state-of-the-art methodologies currently being used in biomedicine to decipher the molecular mechanisms of human disease. These activities not only encourage students' passion for pursuing scientific research but also give them an insight into professional opportunities available after university studies.

Crazy About Biomedicine

This year-long mentoring programme for secondary school students in their first year of baccalaureate aims to foster passion for science and promote scientific vocations. Students can participate in a range of workshops and hands-on sessions, where IRB Barcelona researchers serve as mentors in the lab and provide training on the state-of-the-art research and methods.

This programme also gives students the opportunity to do their secondary school science project ("Treball de Recerca") under the tutelage of an IRB Barcelona researcher, who will work alongside them throughout the planning, experimental design and execution of the project, sharing with them the importance of the scientific method as the backbone of all rigorous scientific inquiry.

The Crazy Club is a new initiative linked to this project and was launched to give the participants from previous editions of the Crazy About Biomedicine Programme the chance to meet, discuss and build a network of young people interested in developing a career in biomedical research. The Crazy Club already has more than 90 members, and future activities will be aimed at equipping students with new skills, including time management, public speaking, team working and research integrity.



IRB Barcelona is a partner in this innovative project, which is run by the Fundació Catalunya – La Pedrera and aims to connect passionate secondary school students throughout he world with leading scientific researchers.

Fes Recerca Fes Recerca

A series of weekly hands-on workshops for students and the general public. Sessions are held several times throughout the year in the Open Lab at Barcelona Science Park and in Barcelona’s iconic “Pedrera” building.

Batx2Lab Batx2Lab

This programme gives secondary school students the opportunity to do their science projects ("Treball de Recerca") under the tutelage of an IRB Barcelona researcher.