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25 Jan 2012

El Periódico de Catalunya publishes a news piece on the ERC Advanced Grants awarded to scientists working in Catalan centres.

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25 Jan 2012

Green light assigned to IRB Barcelona director Joan J. Guinovart in the “Traffic light” section of page 2 in the newspaper La Vanguardia. Further in the paper, a news page is devoted to the ERC Advanced Grants awarded to scientists working in Catalonia. Among them, IRB Barcelona researchers Cayetano González, Angel R. Nebreda and Modesto Orozco.

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24 Jan 2012

Spanish newspaper ABC echoes IRB Barcelona success’ on the 2011 ERC Advanced Grant call launched by the main research institution of the European Union to support basic research.

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<p>Modesto Orozco</p>
24 Jan 2012

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded three ERC Advanced Grants to the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona), which account for 20% of the 15 grants awarded to centres in Spain, according to information provided by the European research organisation. Likewise, the ERC statistics for the 2011 call reveal that of the 2284 projects presented, 294 passed the screening process, which represents a success rate of 13%. Advanced Grants are the most competitive in Europe both in terms of funding and in terms of the reduced number of consolidated European researchers able to achieve one....

30 Mar 2011

New research by the team of Cayetano González, ICREA research professor at IRB Barcelona, has shown that centrosomes, cell components that play a critical role in cell division, are not randomly distributed between daughter cells when stem cells divide, but follow a specific pattern. Their work, published in Nature Communications, sheds new light on our understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms that govern stem cell division and on the understanding of some human diseases such as cancer.

Stem cells are non-differentiated cells that, through a process of asymmetric cell division, produce two completely different cells: a stem cell that is identical to the...

9 Mar 2011

The last issue of the journal Química e Industria, produced by the Asociación Nacional de Químicas de España y del Consejo General de Químicos, reports on work recently published in Science by IRB Barcelona researcher Cayetano González. This study demonstrates that some brain tumours mimic gene expression patterns of germline cells. This finding paves the way for the development of new treatments against this kind of cancer.

25 Jan 2011

In its section Tendencias (trends), the newspaper La Vanguardia devotes an article to the dilemma that researchers sometimes face, namely to patent or set up a company. Spin-offs are one of the options scientists have in order to take advantage of an important finding and the article cites a few success stories. The author highlights Omnia Molecular, founded by Lluís Ribas de Pouplana, Group Leader of the Gene Translation Laboratory at IRB Barcelona, and Cellzome, created by Cayetano Gonzalez, Group Leader of the Cell Division Laboratory at IRB Barcelona, and Luís Serrano, from CRG.