Complex Metabolic Diseases and Mitochondria news

23 Dec 2008

Europe has given the go-ahead to researchers Ribas de Pouplana and Zorzano to head studies into malaria and diabetes, two diseases that affect millions of people worldwide.

23 Dec 2008

The American network on molecular biology research, Genome Web Daily News, echoes about the European Research projects on Malaria and Diabetes coordinated by IRB Barcelona researchers.

<p>Surrounding the nucleus of two fused cells, in red and green, the mitochondrias of each cell. The fusion and fission of mitochondrias (from the same cell or with mitochondrias from other cells) contributes to the correct functioning of these organelles.</p>
19 Nov 2008

They discover the relation between genes that affect the capacity of a cell to generate energy.

20 Nov 2007

Researchers at IRB Barcelona report the first data on the functions of a new gene that is altered in diabetes, published in PLoS One.